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The Charlotte Alliance Française organized last Sunday a super nice get together around the theme of “Crèpes”:  those very thin pancakes which bear only a very vague resemblance to American pancakes.



The French lore wants that if you make your own crèpe and flip it in the air and catch it back in the pan, while holding a gold coin (or facsimile thereof) you’ll be rich all the rest of the year. About 35 people, plus a good number of children, willing to put that story to test, lined up in the kitchen of the Myers Park Baptist Church Youth Hall and flipped their heart content. The crepes were then generously lathered with Nutella, Jam or sprinkled with powdered sugar – all  versions being equally delicious. The crepes were “chased” with a good French cider. The crepe contest was between six different entries submitted by various Alliance members. Blind testing and rigorous voting to determine the winning crepe which was submitted by Remi Thiria . A new career awaits you Remi.

Bravo Celine and Cecile, another excellent event under your belt!



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