Alliance Française


Reading has never been so easy!

  • The onsite library is now open for business on Tuesday from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

Bring - Take - Share a book

If you want to share one or more books in French, if you have books that you no longer read, if you do not want to worry about returning books on time, if you still want to read in French on paper, then please:

  • Please contact us at to set up an appointment to have access to the onsite library one at a time to give or return books..

Our library is open to all AF members and is located in our office.

  • The online library Culturetheque is now available to AF members.

Culturethèque offers 24/7 access from your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone, and with materials for kids and adults alike !

to access the e-library please click Culturetheque login

option 1: Request AF to set up your Culturethèque account for you (recommended, allow us 48 hours to do it)

OR  option 2: Just inform us that you set it up yourself.  The e-library is for member only. A complimentary account for 3 days will be set up. Each account will be confirmed online by a AF Charlotte board member or closed after 3 days... so contact us (no automatic email would be sent to us)

Please note that a family/couple member of the AF can have a Culturetheque account for each individual upon request on option 1

Available from Culturethèque:

  • Catch up on the latest editions of your favorite magazines
  • View concerts and shows
  • Listen to lectures
  • Introduce your kids to French with cultural learning materials
  • Read e-books and comics
  • Give French cooking a try with many different cookbooks available
  • Take advantage of language-learning materials tailored to your needs
  • Over 400 magazines, 1,000 books, 200 comics, 300 videos and 370 learning materials.