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THE 70th CHARLOTTE ANNUAL MECHOUI - sold out! 134 guests

VIDEO of the 2019 event



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At Jocelyne’s Place
3625 Antioch Church Road MATTHEWS NC 28104

Please make the payment by a click on the button ticket. Possibility to pay by check.

Free parking available along the house.

Registration is $30 per person for AF members and $35 for nonmembers, and free children under 10 years old, $10 for teenagers from 11-15 years old and only $15 under 21 years old!

The term Mechoui "refers to the method of cooking a lamb or a sheep cooked whole on the spit" like a huge BBQ. The Charlotte annual Mechoui is a gathering with Francophone and American friends around this traditional meal. The cooking time varies according to the weight of the animal, typically about a half day. While the lamb cooks family and friends enjoy games and drinks.

Vegetarian are welcome as the Mechoui comes with many vegetarian dishes.

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Come with the family and enjoy the afternoon with the goats, Jocelyne is making a wonderful goat cheese... delicious!

Come and have some fun in the pool (a lifeguard is watching you!), play a ping pong game or a soccer game or a Pétanque game, and much more...

Or enjoy a drink with friends! Something for everyone and every passion!

          Enjoy the traditional lamb at 5pm, chicken available. Vegetarian welcome!

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Bring your own cake or dessert to enter to the dessert competition and win a prize!
Dessert could be a pie, a cake, a huge muffin, cookies or any sweet food that will be shared.
Have the list of ingredients ready for allergy check if needed. 

First prize is a basket of products worth about $50.
Please inform us if you would like to participate!

   last year 2018 cake winner