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French Classes Prices

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Alliance Française de Charlotte is a non-profit membership organization; enrollment requires membership fees, administration fees, tuition fees and material expenses. AF is committed to have the most affordable class prices possible.


Year 2019-2020

Administration fees

$20 once a year / not refundable

AF membership fees

$15 (AF student) once a year / not refundable

Regular Classes

tuition fees

 3 hours a week / twice 90 minutes a week

  • for 1 session  30 h à $510
  • for 2 sessions 60 h à $970
  • for 3 sessions 90 h à $1350


 2 hours a week / once a week

  • for 1 session  20 h à $360
  • for 2 sessions 40 h à $685
  • for 3 sessions 60 h à $960


$40 Discount for early registration only if fully paid at registration 2 weeks prior to the start of the class for 2 or 3 sessions paid only.

$10 Additional discount available if you are a returning student also available at each session

Theme-event class fees

$20-$40/ 1-time theme-event – 1,5h/2h (prices vary with the event) example Wine&Cheese pairing or cooking class


A la carte French classes

And workshop and

AP French classes

$50/ 1 hour for a trial Lesson

total $225/ 5h – private lesson ($45/h/p)

total $300/ 5h for 2 people ($30/h/p - $150/person for 5h)

total $345/ 5h for 3 people ($23/h/p - $115/person for 5h)

total $360/ 5h for 4 people ($18/h/p - $90/person for 5h)

total $375/ 5h – 5 people ($15/h/p - $75/person or 5h)

total $450/ 5h - from 6 people up to 10 people (ideal for professional training, crash courses etc.)

Material - Support

Up to $75 for book and activity book (depending on availability and quantity)

Mandatory for Beginner classes and may be required for Intermediate and Advanced classes.

Please contact us at for more information.

Possibility to have three installments by checks: the first month of the start of the class, then the following month and the following month again. Please ask for more details.