Alliance Française

Francophone Food Festival

The Charlotte Francophone Festival's mission is to promote the French language by raising awareness of the richness and diversity of Francophone cultures from around the world. Every year in March, Francophone Festivals are organized around the world, featuring a variety of cultural and educational events.

This year the AFC organize a Festival about Francophone Cuisine and Gastronomy! 


Where: Myers Park Baptist Church YOUTH HALL, Location

When: SATURDAY MARCH 23rd From 5pm to 9pm


Ticket at $25 for AF members and $30 for non members, only $20 under 18 and $10 under 13, free under 6. No gratuity. No Tax. 

The entrance ticket gives you

a choice of 2 main dishes: Tadjine from Morocco, Cassoulet from Southern France, Jambalaya from New Orleans US and more.

+ a choice of 2 side orders: Moutabal (eggplant caviar) from Lebanon, Taboulé from Lebanon, Crispy Brussels Sprouts from belgium and more.

+ a choice of 2 desserts: Far Breton from Brittany France, Waffle from Belgium, Blueberries Tart from Canada, Chocolate from Swiss and more.  

We have asked our best chefs in Charlotte, NC to help us give you the best dishes! Come and enjoy!

Complimentary drinks! 


Complimentary Live music with the Haitian-Quebecois EDDY GLAUDIN

Our beloved pianist is singing French ballades. Come and enjoy your dinner with Francophone tastes while listening to his music.

more details to come.