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FS Bee Prizes and procedure 2022


The French Spelling Bee is divided into 2 competitions: one for grades 6 to 8 and one for grades 9 to 12. Each competition offers prizes.

  • For middle school, spellers from grades 6 to 8: 3 prizes if 50 or fewer participants register, up to 5 prizes if more participants register.

First Place: $150 Scholarship + trophy

Second Place: $75 Scholarship + trophy

Third Place: $25 voucher + trophy

Teacher of the winner: Free membership in the AF and Culturethèque until Aug. 2023 + basket of French products worth $100.

  • For high school, spellers from grades 9 to 12: 5 prizes up to 100 participants

First Place: $250 Scholarship + trophy

Second Place: $150 Scholarship + trophy

Third Place: $100 Scholarship + trophy

Fourth Place: $50 voucher + trophy

Fifth Place: $25 voucher + trophy

Teacher of the winner: Free membership in the AF and Culturethèque until Aug. 2023 + basket of French products worth $100.


All participants in the final French Spelling Bee receive a participation medal.

All other spellers will receive a certificate of participation.

All teacher referees participating in the event will receive free membership in the AF and Culturethèque until Aug. 2023 + one French product.


2.Important Dates:

  • Deadlines for registration: November 30th 2021 for early bird pricing, December 31st 2021 for regular registration and late registration deadline: February 28th, 2022.

Each speller along with his/her designated referee teacher must register. There is no limit to the number of students per designated French teacher. The French teacher does not need to be the speller's current French teacher. A teacher may represent spellers from different grades from grade 6 to grade 8 in middle school or grade 9 to grade 12 in high school.

The registration fees for the French Spelling Bee 2022 is only $5 for all spellers registered by November 30, 2021, and will cost $15 for those  registered by December 31, 2021, and late registration fee is $25 until February 28, 2022.

No registration will be accepted after the final deadline of February 28, 2022.

For registration fee: pay here  - For registration form: go here  - Both registration form and payment must be done together to be fully registered. 


  • Part one on zoom: from March 1st, 2022 to March 8th, 2022 between 8am and 6pm by appointment.

The contest for round one (practice) to round two (finals) will be online via zoom between 8am and 6pm and will last less than one hour. Each speller and the French teacher referee should be connected with at least one jury member and the pronouncer. The French teacher referee is the second jury and ensure that the contest is fair. The French teacher referee should contact FRENCHSpellingBEE in 2022 to set up this appointment. It is possible to book more than one appointment depending on the number of participants.

  • Part two in-person: Saturday March 12th at 9am for Middle schools and at 2pm for High schools.

The spellers will then proceed to the next round at a designated location in Charlotte NC on Saturday March 12th at 9am for grades 6 to 8 and at 2pm for grades 9 to 12. The contest will be an in-person event.

In case that there are more participants than the event can accommodate, the FSB committee reserves the right to offer an alternative date in March for Middle school participants. The High schools contest will begin at 9am on March 12th. 

The students should be accompanied by their French teacher referee, and supporters are encouraged to attend. The participants of the middle school and high school contests are encouraged to watch the other French Spelling Bee. The contest may also be viewed on zoom. The speller standing after the last round will spell words from a championship word list. The word list and championship word list will not be given to spellers prior to the contest.

The speller who spells the most words correctly in this last round and the championship word is the winner of the contest. The judges will award prizes to the winners.

3.More information:

  • Lists of words

The FSB committee has chosen words based on the following themes listed below:

Theme 1: Families and Communities (La famille et la communauté): This theme is great for discussing and comparing family structures and communities around the world or through the centuries.

Theme 2: Contemporary Life (La vie contemporaine): This theme can lead to a discussion of current problems as well as advantages and disadvantages of contemporary life.

Theme 3: Global Challenges (Les défis mondiaux): This theme is at the forefront of many global conversations, as governments discuss threats to the environment and its future.



  • The competition is FREE for French teachers, referees and school officials thanks to both organizers and sponsors of the event.


On the day of the contest for part one and for part two, each speller will pull a number and line up in numerical order.

Taking turns in this order, each participant will say the word, spell the words, including the capitalization of a word, the presence of a diacritical mark, the presence of a hyphen or other form of punctuation, or spacing between words, and then say the word again.

All words have been put on an official lists. The word lists will be distributed to judges prior to the contest. Before each round of the spelling bee, the judges will shuffle the drawing balls. The judges will select a ball and say the number on the ball. The pronouncer will say the word corresponding to the number on the selected drawing ball. The pronouncer will say the word twice. Listen carefully to the word. The speller must spell the word within one minute.

Once the designated speller starts to spell, the timer will start. During the 60-seconds the speller can ask the judges to repeat the word, but only once. The timer will not stop, however. The whole word must be spelled fluently before the timer sounds. Spellers must include all spelling marks in order for the word to be correct.

If the speller cannot successfully spell a word, he or she should remain standing until the timer sounds, then quietly take a seat in the designated chairs.

The spellers standing after selection or practice round one will be invited to participate in the in-person final competition along with their teacher referee on March 12. Each speller will then pull a new number.

Please contact FrenchSpellingBee if you have any questions or comments about the French Spelling Bee 2022 rules and procedures.

The FSB committee will stay alert to the pandemic situation and will make changes to the final event as needed. All participants and referees will be contacted in case of any changes.