Alliance Française

French in the School System

A few opportunities to learn French:

Charlotte has a school that would give the kids French classes on Saturday mornings: the Ecole du Samedi uses books approved by the National Education of France and gives the opportunity of a French speaking cultural environment to the families. The Ecole du Samedi allows you to stay in touch with the French language and the French community in the Charlotte area. To learn more:


The Charlotte area has several options in private and public schools for children to learn the French language. Here is a short list of schools in our area which offer language immersion:

  • E.E. Waddell Language Academy (K-8): Full Immersion in several languages, including French.
  • South Mecklenburg Academy of International Languages (9-12): Partial Immersion in French and other languages.
  • West Mecklenburg Academy of International Languages (9-12) Partial Immersion in French and other languages.

Contact Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for more information on admission criteria (may vary depending on age, language proficiency & place of residence).  


The National Centre for Distance Education (CNED) is a French public institution under the oversight of the Department of Education and of High Education and Research. The CNED is dedicated to providing distance learning material and allows an alternative to learn French in Charlotte area. It can also allow to focus on just the French language or on all subjects. The Alliance Française of Charlotte could help you find the private tutor for the CNED courses in French, mathematic or in sciences. To learn more:


Of course the closest French school to Charlotte approved by the AEFE is at Greenville in South Carolina at about 1h30 driving time: the Ecole Française Bilingue was created by the Michelin society in 1974. Since then the school welcomes French and French speaking families from preschool to 9th grade in classes accredited by the National Education of France, and offers tutoring to grade 10 through 12 assessed by the CNED. To learn more: