Alliance Française

Beaujolais Festival Dinner selection

Your Alliance Française proposes your food selection for your Beaujolais Festival from Best Impression Caterer


~Display of French Cheeses~

Bucheron-5 week aged, Semi-Soft, goat’s milk

Époisses de Bourgogne- 6 month aged, Soft, cow’s milk

Comte-1 year aged, Semi-firm, cow’s milk

Belletoile, 70% French Brie, Pasteurized Cow’s Milk

Served with pickled vegetables, Marcona almonds, house-made jams

 and breads, baguettes, crackers


~Chef Selected Artisan Cured Meats~

charcuterie to include, Rosemary ham, sweet soppressata and vesuvio

accompanied by crostinis, pickled vegetables, jams and nuts


~Sliced Tenderloin of Beef Au Poivre~

served on a miniature brioche roll with a whole grain mustard and fresh arugula


~Rosemary Infused Chicken Skewers~

with a pesto dipping sauce


~Grilled Seasonal Vegetables~

served with peppercorn parmesan dip


~Baked Spinach Artichoke Dip~

baked spinach and artichoke hearts with a blend of herbs and imported cheeses,

served with toast points, and house-made tortilla chips

And your Alliance proposes your dessert: small pastries from Renaissance Pâtisserie